On November 6, 2018 a master class “Successful speech therapist (a technique of working with dysarthria)” was held by the Senior Lecturer of the Department of Social Work, Social Pedagogy and Preschool Education, speech therapist of the Center for Correction-Developing Technologies (for children ofpreschool and younger school age) I.O. Yakovenko and Senior Lecturer, Psychologistof the Correction-Developing Technologies Center (for childrenof preschool and younger school age) T.S. ZhitnikThe seminar was givenfor educators of preschool educational institutions of Melitopol No2, 30, 44.

 Participants of the master-class were demonstrated a method of identifying dysarthria in preschool children. Thesignificant information was about the propaedeutic work of dysarthria in the junior and secondary groups (consumption of solid food, proper mouthwash, jumping on the right and left leg, the development of small motility,kinesiological exercises forthecoordination work of the right and left hemispheres of the brain), the attention was pointed up on theelements of facial and tongue massage in the classroom forthe development of coherent speech.

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