On October 26, 2018 summing up and awarding the winners of the competition “I-Teacher 2”, which was dedicated to the science of the future informatics and to the profession of the teacher of the computer science, was held. For the second year the competition of video clips is organized by Department of Computer Science and Cybernetics with the support of the sponsors:  Web-Studio Profi.net.Ua Group awarded winners with quadrocopter and Bluetooth columns, Department of Computer Science and Cybernetics – with Virtual reality headset, entertaining center «Storm» gave the gift certificate for bowling game, Internet provider «Mediana» – the gift certificate for the free Internet use for 1 year.

10 video clips took part in the competition, they were posted on the Department of Computer Science and Cybernetics` Instagram account @ikafedraMDPU. The videos were made by the teachers and their students.

Teachers and pupils of Melitopol lyceum №5 and Melitopol GES №8 took an active part in the competition.

The voting lasted for 2 weeks. According to the real likes on the Instagram account there were figured out 3 winners:

The first place – the teacher of Melitopol lyceum №5 Andryushina M.

The second place – the pupil of Melitopol gymnasium № 9 Shukina Sofia.

The third place – pupils of Melitopol specialized school № 23 Garkushka Diana and Mulyukova Larisa.

The winner`s awarding took place in a warm friendly atmosphere. All participants and their friends were entertained with intellectual games and treated with a lot of sweets.

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