Master class “Successful speech therapist”

On November 6, 2018 a master class “Successful speech therapist (a technique of working with dysarthria)” was held by the Senior Lecturer of the Department of Social Work, Social Pedagogy and Preschool Education, speech therapist of the Center for Correction-Developing Technologies (for children ofpreschool and younger school age) I.O. Yakovenko and Senior Lecturer, Psychologistof the […]

A unique gift from a talented countrywoman

TodayAngela Ryumshina Werner,a former resident of Melitopol,who has been living in Germanysince 2001, visitedthe Philological Faculty. Mrs. Angela granted faculty with an incredibly valuable gift – a book of her poemspoems, written in Ukrainian and Russian, witha paralleltranslation in Persian. The skilful poetic word combined with the unusually colorful paintings of the Persian artist Mahmoud […]